• To serve the Ski area’s customers and help the area community in their enjoyment of the outdoor activities offered at the area
  • To promote safety and accident prevention in the sports of skiing, snowboarding, biking and other outdoor activities offered at the area. This done in coordination with the Ski Area Management, the National Ski Patrol system, National States Ski Area Association, The International Mountain Biking Association, Governmental Agencies, and any other group devoted to such promotion of safety.
  •  To serve the Ski area’s customers and management without charge in the rescue and first aid treatment of injured skiers, snowboarders, and persons using this area for recreation.
  • To continuously strive to improve the knowledge and skill level of the Cannonsburg Ski Patrollers.
  • To offer to patrollers the opportunity to participate in the sports they love, while giving back to their community in a family friendly, positive social environment.
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