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What does it take to become a Ski Patroller? Click this link for course information.

A desire to be a first responder to the skiing public, a commitment to learn and practice the necessary skills, a passion for skiing, and compassion for people.

First, complete the Outdoor Emergency Care course. This course starts in August, meets two evenings per week, and continues till early December, culminating in a final evaluation. During this process, you will also become certified in Professional two-person CPR, and complete a Chair Lift Evacuation Drill.

At this point, you're qualified to function as an Auxiliary Patroller with all the rights and responsibilities of a basic patroller except patient transport. Pay your dues, purchase a duty jacket, basic first aid supplies, and a pack to put them in. Sign up for a shift, and start patrolling!

During your first season, you will attend On-the-Hill instruction in skiing with PSIA certified instructors, and in toboggan handling to prepare you to safely transport patients.

This training may take a single season, or multiple seasons depending on your personal skill levels and commitment. On-the-Hill evaluations are given each February.

Every season thereafter - Attend an annual OEC refresher, CPR refresher, chair lift evacuation drill, and a toboggan handling refresher. Maintain your equipment and first aid gear in good order, replacing items as needed, and pay your annual dues. Work two shifts per week, and support off-season events such as Ski Swap and the occasional call for first aid responders for regional events.

What's in it for me?

Camaraderie with a team of professionals who love to ski. Abundant opportunities to improve your skiing, first aid and rescue skills, professional discounts on equipment and clothing, and deeply discounted ski passes for your family. You will become a respected part of the ski industry. You will perfect your skiing skills, and you will make friendships that will last a lifetime. Start a new adventure in skiing, join the Cannonsburg Ski Patrol.

Ready to get started?

Go to our email form on the About Us page [here], select "I want to join the Patrol" from the drop down menu choices on the to line, give us your name, email address, and tell us a little about your skiing experience, any medical training, and any other relevant experience. Our Assistant Patrol Representative will get back to you on what to do next.

Or, drop by the Patrol shack any time we're open!

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